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BeerMoney Assist Pro is an Android app that:

- Clears app data and cache with a simple button press Perk, Checkpts, and all of the Swag Apps (if selected) WITHOUT LOGGING OUT OF ANY APP

- Imports all of the shortest videos for Swag Apps with a simple button press, thereby eliminating searching for the shortest videos when clearing app data manually

-Restart your phone with a button press!

-Clears App Data & Cache for checked apps automatically (based on interval you specify)

-Allows a screen filter which you can boot at startup

玩工具App|Beermoney Assist Pro免費|APP試玩

-Boots at Startup!!!


As I'm sure you all have noticed, Perk and Swag slow down over time (days/weeks). By restarting your phone and clearing app data/cache it seems to operate normally again. One of the big annoyances of doing this manually in the apps menu however this method of deleting app data forces you to log out and isn't as quick and easy as it could be. Beermoney Assist Pro removes this hassle AND KEEPS YOU LOGGED IN but also clears unnecessary data thereby speeding your device back up.


Root Permissions are required for both to Clean App Data/Cache, Import Shortest Videos to Swag, AND Restarting your phone with a button press. Without Root Permissions this will only be able to use the screen filter and keep screen on function

Clean App Data/Cache works for ALL Swag, Perk, and Checkpts

Import Videos works only for Swag (Well duh!) and will not do anything to Perk if Perk is checked for Import operation

Now features a notification icon allows you to quickly go between beermoney assist pro and other apps. Also shows that app is running and autoclearing

玩工具App|Beermoney Assist Pro免費|APP試玩

Autoclear now starts up when your phone does!!!

玩工具App|Beermoney Assist Pro免費|APP試玩

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