Belarus Wave LWP|不限時間玩個人化App

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玩個人化App|Belarus Wave LWP免費|APP試玩

Fantastic Live Wallpaper to improve the appearance of your Smartphone with great ripple effect on the images of the flag of Belarus. Click on your screen to enjoy the ripple effect.

You can change the wallpaper image by double tap on the pictures of your flag.

From Settings menu you can configure the application as follows:

- Set Live Wallpaper.

- Change Image to display.

玩個人化App|Belarus Wave LWP免費|APP試玩

- Disable the ripple effect just to enjoy the images.

- Super speed mode.

- Change wave velocity.


玩個人化App|Belarus Wave LWP免費|APP試玩

- On the settings menu of the application select "Set Wallpaper". We seek our wallpaper and select it and follow the instructions.

- On the live wallpaper menu of your smartphone, select our wallpaper and follow the Smartphone instructions.

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