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玩音樂App|Best Cool Ringtones PRO免費|APP試玩

Best Cool Ringtones PRO app brings top new mp3 ringtones to your Android phones. Don't hesitate! Download the app now and enjoy popular funny ringtones all day long!

Your sms ringtones scare the people around you? You have many missed calls because your phone ringtone is not catchy enough to be heard? It's time to change them! Download Best Cool Ringtones PRO and you will enjoy receiving messages and answering your phone calls.

The app is a great collection of funny, popular and elegant ringtones, suitable for all music tastes and whims. You will laugh out loud with some of the funny sounds and replay the cute ringtones many times. Get the ringtones app and bring your communication to another level!

Need a new ringtone for your alarm sound? Choose one of these mp3 ringtones and wake up feeling great. Elegant ringtones are just right for those who wake up easily, whereas funny ringtones may be great for both light and heavy sleepers.

Cool ringtones can always come in handy when you are in a bad mood or just not feeling at your best. These popular ringtones will get you going and the top ringtones will give you a fresh start. With best ringtones ever, your phone will be proud to ring and won't be bothered by all the messages, notifications and calls you get on a daily basis. One the other hand, if you're having a great day, additional laughter won't hurt. Download Best Cool Ringtones PRO app and enjoy your new mobile ringtones!


 set as ringtone for android/ contact ringtone/alarm sound/ sms sound

 set timer to play the sound

 set widget button of favorite sounds on your phone screen

玩音樂App|Best Cool Ringtones PRO免費|APP試玩


1. "Set as Alarm" command will not affect existing alarms, only the new ones you create. You can delete existing alarm and create new one.

2. To set widget: Long click on your home screen > Add widget > Choose "Best Cool Ringtones PRO" from the list > Pick a sound.

Legal info:

Sound clips used in this app are under public domain license and/or Creative Commons’ license.

All the sounds in this app are mp3 ringtones.

Device Compatibility:

This aplication has been tested on the following tablets and smart phones: HTC One X (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich), Sony Ericsson Xperia Arco S (Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread), Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android 2.3.7), tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Android 3.1 Honeycomb), Samsung Galaxy Mini (Android 2.2.1 Froyo), Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich), Galaxy S4 / S5, HTC 1 (OS Android, V4.1.2 Jelly Bean), Nexus 4 (4.2 Jelly Android Bean), Huawei Ascend 2 (Android OS, v2.3 Gingerbread) y Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

玩音樂App|Best Cool Ringtones PRO免費|APP試玩

Compatible with: Vodafone, Orange, Movistar, TIM y ICE mobile phones.

玩音樂App|Best Cool Ringtones PRO免費|APP試玩

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不限時間玩Best Cool Ringtones PRO App免費

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