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Beyondoc Mobile connects to Beyondoc Enterprise or Beyondoc Standard, and provides access to your corporate documents on the go.

Stay on top of new reports, budgets, contracts and other documents, no matter where you are. Beyondoc Mobile lets your team browse, search, share and securely access documents from anywhere.

With Beyondoc Mobile, you can:

• Easily navigate your company, project and personal workspace folders and documents in Beyondoc

• Quickly view documents on your Android device (Microsoft Office Documents, PDFs, images, etc….).

玩商業App|Beyondoc Mobile免費|APP試玩

• Share documents easily by sending a link (document CURL) right from the app.

• Easily view document properties and extended meta data (index card)

玩商業App|Beyondoc Mobile免費|APP試玩

• Quickly find documents with full text search

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