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Most Venerable Bhumang Rinpoche Born in March 30th, 1983, Taipei City, Bhumang Rinpoche (Lobsang Jigme) is the first Tibetan Rinpoche incarnated in Taiwan. His parents were exiled-Tibetans who

immigrated and worked in Taiwan. The search for the fourth incarnation of Bhumang Rinpoche was guided and authenticated in 1984 by H. H. Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang.

The search was no easy task since there had never been any Tibetan rinpoche incarnated to Taiwan. For three years the searching team had tried several areas in Tibet, Nepal and India, but with no success. Until April 16th, 1987,H. H. Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang in San Francisco announced that the Bhumang Rinpoche's incarnation had successfully being located in Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

Drikung Kagyu Lamchen Gyalpo Rinpoche was immediately ordered to travel to Taiwan and met with the 4-year-old child Lobsang Jigme. Two years later, Lobsang Family immigrated to Kathmandu, Nepal. At age of 6, Bhumang Rinpoche started learning Tibetans, Nepali, English, and Buddhism texts.


In November 20th, 1992, Bhumang Rinpoche at age of 9 was officially recognized as a Ven. Rinpoche at Jangchubling, India, and received his Dharma name “Konchok Thinly Namgyal Tempei Nyima.” It was during these years that Bhumang Rinpoche received education and completed most Buddhism courses in India.

In February 2005, Bhumang Rinpoche established the Drikung Kagyu Bhumang Jampaling in Taipei, Taiwan, providing disciples a place to practice Buddhism teachings. In the following month, his first book “Bhumang Rinpoche– the First Rinpoche Incarnated to Taiwan” was published and released to the general public. This book documented Bhumang Rinpoche's previous incarnations, childhood, years

in school, emotional stories and finally Rinpoche's teachings.

The book received an overwhelming response and became number one top seller in national-chain Eslite Bookstores and second place in Kingstone Bookstores.


In 2006, Bhumang Rinpoche also devoted much effort to build another Drikung Kagyu Bhumang Jampaling in Chauntra, North India. This monastery aims at helping

sentient beings for learning Buddhism and conducting rituals.

Bhumang Rinpoche truly hopes that all sentient beings to walk on correct paths guided by religions, to purify one's own mind and soul, obtain inner peace, and contribute one's ability to make a better society.

尊貴的 菩曼仁波切


1983年誕生於桃園大溪,父母取名為「羅桑吉美」(Lobsang jigme),四歲時 (1987年) 經過直貢澈贊、瓊贊兩位法王閉關修法認證指出當時居住在桃園大溪眷村的羅桑吉美是洛吉佩仁波切的轉世。

1992年農曆11月20日,印度強久林舉行莊嚴隆重的坐床典禮,當時他才八歲,澈贊法王為羅桑吉美提取法名「konchok thinley namgyal tempei nyimo」(昆秋 赤列 南杰 滇貝 尼瑪),藏意為「三寶 事業 尊勝 弘揚 太陽 」。此後菩曼仁波切一直都在強久林佛學院,接受正統的藏密教育,學習佛法、經論。仁波切一個人在印度接受嚴厲的管教雖是高僧轉世,但是艱苦的訓練並沒有因此減少,生活清苦但心靈富饒。

仁波切在佛學院學得十三部大論,如中觀、阿毘答論、唯識論、釋量論、現觀莊嚴論等。又在 澈贊法王的教導下接受祖師 吉天頌恭全集的口傳、吉天頌恭甚深法教的口傳、大乘心要教法的口傳、直貢教派五十本尊灌頂、直貢教派所有護法灌頂、八大黑嚕嘎灌頂又習得吉天頌恭密意的教法...等各種心法。





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