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Bible Chat Verse application comes with color pictorial Bible verses and chatting features in-built to enhance learning and strengthening of memory texts. Through constant references of Biblical texts one learn to build up faith and trust in God via Bible Quotes.

玩社交App|Bible Chat Verse免費|APP試玩

You can regard it as complementary to existing Bible reading or study plan or it can form part of daily devotional reading of scriptural texts.

玩社交App|Bible Chat Verse免費|APP試玩

Find joy and happiness in studying God's word and experience a closer walk with Him. Further to this, you can chat on multiple Biblical topics based on varying interest in the social networking platform anytime anywhere. Besides chatting, sharing with others is one other features you can connect with friends or others sharing similar values and faith through faccebook.

玩社交App|Bible Chat Verse免費|APP試玩

玩社交App|Bible Chat Verse免費|APP試玩

You can find some fun in puzzle games and helpful newsletter feeds and other useful links available to increase your resources of Biblical tools, study, inspirational guidance, thoughts or spiritual encouragement. Bible Quotes : Chat is one easy utility for your social networking to connect readly with people of same community or otherwise to enhance memory of Scriptural texts to a richer experience with your Creator God.

玩社交App|Bible Chat Verse免費|APP試玩

Editorial Disclaimer

The opinions and comments expressed on this app are of the writers and contributors own, not indicative of the stand of this Bible Chat app team. While participants are encouraged to speak up their minds in the chats, lets us all be always reminded to be mindful of our language used and sensitive towards the feelings of others. We look forward to a community of tolerance and acceptance irrespective of one’s religious stand which will be truly appreciated and thanked for.

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