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Bible Crusade app is your one-stop multimedia center for the latest information on all upcoming Bible Crusades with Pastor Ock Soo Park. View full profiles of Pastor Ock Soo Park, founder of Good News Mission, and Gracias Choir, a world-renowned music group that’s featured at the Bible Crusade. Even read sermon e-books which have changed countless lives around the world, absolutely free. Not to mention, sermon and music performance video clips, photos, and more.

Make a smart decision with your smart phone. Download the Bible Crusade app today and begin your discovery of the heart of God.

Know Jesus, know peace. No Jesus, no peace.


- The latest information on Bible Crusades in your area: dates, times, directions to and from the venue, and more

- Full multimedia-based profiles of Pastor Ock Soo Park and Gracias Choir

玩媒體與影片App|Bible Crusade免費|APP試玩

. Video clips

. Audio clips

玩媒體與影片App|Bible Crusade免費|APP試玩

. Photographs

- Free e-books immediately ready for view

. The Secret of the Forgiveness of Sins and Being Born Again

玩媒體與影片App|Bible Crusade免費|APP試玩

. Repentance and Faith

. Out from Despair

玩媒體與影片App|Bible Crusade免費|APP試玩

. Notes on Genesis

. Notes on John

To visit us online, go to

玩媒體與影片App|Bible Crusade免費|APP試玩

[email protected]


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