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Read the New Testament in the "original" Greek according to the 1881 edition by Westcott and Hort. Version 3.0 is a complete rewrite of my older Greek New Testament app and is for Android 4.x (if you have an older phone you will only be able to install the 2.x version of my app). It offers more features and textual tools than any other Greek New Testament app available on Google Play:

玩書籍App|Bible: Greek NT *3.0!*免費|APP試玩

(1) The complete text, fully accented, of the Greek New Testament by Westcott and Hort. Every word is clickable and shows a popup with a short definition and the full morphology.

玩書籍App|Bible: Greek NT *3.0!*免費|APP試玩

(2) All differences from the Nestle-Aland 26/27 text are indicated by traditional text-critical sigla. Words that have variations or are omited in NA26/27 are in bright red and touchable to reveal the NA26/27 version.

玩書籍App|Bible: Greek NT *3.0!*免費|APP試玩

(3) A searchable Greek lexicon, based on Strong's short definitions, is available.

玩書籍App|Bible: Greek NT *3.0!*免費|APP試玩

(4) The ASV translation of every verse is viewable in an interlinear fashion.

玩書籍App|Bible: Greek NT *3.0!*免費|APP試玩

(5) The entire text, both Greek and English, is fully searchable. The Greek text can be searched by form or lemma. *NEW*

玩書籍App|Bible: Greek NT *3.0!*免費|APP試玩

(6) Lexical entries can be searched by Strong number in addition to prefix. *NEW*

玩書籍App|Bible: Greek NT *3.0!*免費|APP試玩

(7) Text can be resized by pinch-and-zoom. *NEW*

玩書籍App|Bible: Greek NT *3.0!*免費|APP試玩

(8) One can either browse to a given chapter or page through a book one chapter at a time by a swipe motion. *NEW*

玩書籍App|Bible: Greek NT *3.0!*免費|APP試玩

(9) A bookmarking and comment system. Just touch on the verse number and save the bookmark, optionally adding a comment. *NEW*

玩書籍App|Bible: Greek NT *3.0!*免費|APP試玩

(10) The app will remember the device so that future license checks are not needed! *NEW*

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