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玩書籍App|Biblia Reina Valera RVR免費|APP試玩

-Bible RVR offline

-Book/Chapter/Verse locate




-Online Search Engine

-Auto start

-3 yrs daily read plan


-Red Letter


-user friendly navigation and verse locating


-fix search result order

-fix to keep search result for screen change

-add touch scroll(fling/swipe)


-larger font

-support for 3.0 device

-change drop-down list text color (particuarly for some motorola devices)

玩書籍App|Biblia Reina Valera RVR免費|APP試玩

-save settings :) hope it works

-minr fix for daily reading for 2012-1-7


the "exit/back" button is back and improved

save to sd-card for system 2.2 or later


fix the crash :)

fix font-dialog minor bug

remove adfree detector

fix swipe minor error


**improved local search**

rearrange some ui buttons

fix font-size dialog bug

fix startup failure

fix daily reading minor bug



-remember scroll position

-fix search error that some books are not indexed( try search the word 'witchcraft' in 1 Sam 15:23, if you can't find it, pls update)

玩書籍App|Biblia Reina Valera RVR免費|APP試玩


-add text-to-speech, you can listen to the verses now

-other minor improvements


-make tts an option for those don't needd or want TTS feature

-bring the lacate button back in front panel


-fix tts crash

-continue reading when screen orientation change

-keep screen on for daily reading tts

-change default verse per page to whole chapter

-change default font to large system font size


-fix titles for context menu

-list fast scroll

-read a little bit slower

-remove "return" buttons

-add horizontal layout for daily reading selection and verse quick location

-listview item style

-even more large font size

玩書籍App|Biblia Reina Valera RVR免費|APP試玩

-many minor improvements

-internal improments

update 33

-Keep Search History

-Fix TTS on ICS

-other minor improvements

update 34

-Fixed menu bug on android 3.0 and above devices

-Fixed bookmark and favorite lists minor bug

-Fixed some possible causes for Application Not Responding error

-removed verses per pages option

update 35

updated the UI text

improved theme

Change green label to orange

fix Search minor error

fix return button function on search results page

update 36

bookmark tag color

A simple, powerful design will enable you to easily read the RVR Bible, navigate, search,share(through Facebook, twitter, Gmail goolge+, email, sms, evernote, bluetooth,ColorNote,Messaging, Yahoo Mail and many others), highlight verses, bookmark, make/copy/paste notes.

玩書籍App|Biblia Reina Valera RVR免費|APP試玩

any problem pls email me!

玩書籍App|Biblia Reina Valera RVR免費|APP試玩

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