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玩個人化App|Bigger Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

Bigger Clock Widget is a bigger version of Big Clock. This digital clock and date widget occupied a size of 4x2. App launcher for your favorite apps (like alarm clock, calendar). Support device language. This widget shows the dates always in the square. The weekday, the month and the other data are stretched accordingly. Compare it with the other clock widget.

More great clock and date widgets, here on Google play:

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* Two Tap launcher (Start your preferred apps (Alarm Clock, Calendar, ...) straight from the clock).

玩個人化App|Bigger Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

* Select color of Background

* Select color of Font

玩個人化App|Bigger Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

* Select font shadow

If you're using killer apps, add the service 'Bigger Clock Service' to the ignore list.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a homescreen widget and not a regular application: It does not "run" from the Applications Drawer, in fact you won't even find its icon there, when the install completes.

To put the widget on your homescreen:

* Long press empty space

玩個人化App|Bigger Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

* Select Widgets

* Select Bigger Clock

Thanks for your comments and also check out other great and best clock widgets by sixdotseven, here on the market!

玩個人化App|Bigger Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

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