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That app helps you to get know your biological age or in another words: get know how old is biological Alter ego - BioYou.

From Wikipedia:

"Biological age, or age of development - a concept reflecting the degree of morphological and physiological development of the organism. Introducing the concept of "biological age" due to the fact that the calendar (passport, chronological) age is not a sufficient criterion for the health and disability of an aging man."

How to use:

1. Blood pressure X/Y:


- X - Systolic blood pressure (upper) in mmHg. To measure the accuracy of the pressure should be measured on the right arm, in the sitting position, and three times at intervals of 5 minutes. Substituted into the formula should be the result of measurement, in which the pressure had the lowest value;

- Y - Diastolic (lower) pressure in mmHg;

2. Breath holding time: duration of breath hold after a deep breath. Measured three times, in seconds, with intervals of 5 minutes by using a stopwatch. Consider the highest value.

3. Static balancing: defined in seconds while standing on the left leg , while the right foot touches the floor. Stand without shoes, eyes closed, arms down at your sides. Is measured three times with a stop watch with an interval of 5 minutes. Accounted for the best results.

4. Weight: body weight in kilograms. In light clothing, without shoes, on an empty stomach.



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