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玩紙牌App|BlackJack Pool Trader免費|APP試玩

Blackjack is a game of skill and so too is financial trading. Imagine combining the thrill and rush of playing blackjack with trading, applying your skills and making cash.

BlackJack Pool is super simple to understand. You place your bet like regular blackjack and pit your skills against the dealer. If you beat the dealer, you get the opportunity to double your winnings.

Your winning hand triggers the bonus trading round. You will be presented with a moving graph showing the price of the Euro to the US Dollar. Looking at the graph and the trends of up or down, you just need to predict if you think the price will go up (CALL) or down (PUT) in the next 5 seconds.

Click your choice of CALL or PUT and wait to see the outcome, if you predicted correctly you will double your winnings and if you predict incorrectly you simply keep your original winning amount. It’s that simple.

The bonus trading round of BlackJack Pool shows you how easy it is to trade binary options. It just takes a small amount of skill to predict based on the trends of the graph if the price of an asset such as the Euro to the US Dollar or the price or Oil, Gold, and a selection of hundreds of other assets to choose from will increase or decrease in a specific time.

Regular people with no financial or trading experience are cashing in on binary options trading daily by simply using a little bit of skill and intuition to predict if the prices will go up or down. It does not get easier than this to start trading and making real cash.

BlackJack Pool is a great way to grasp the sheer simplicity of binary options trading and as soon as you are ready to start making real money trading binary options, just click on the in game link to open your free binary options trading account and start putting your new found skills to work.

Hit! Predict! Jackpot!

玩紙牌App|BlackJack Pool Trader免費|APP試玩

Play BlackJack Pool now and start trading like a pro.

玩紙牌App|BlackJack Pool Trader免費|APP試玩

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