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玩街機App|Block Destroyer免費|APP試玩

Try to survive as long as you can in this fast, challenging and addictive old-style game! It is like tetris, but reversed!

- You control a little square at the bottom of the screen.

- Enemy blocks come from the top of the screen and scroll down over the time.

- If a block reaches the bottom of the screen the game ends.

玩街機App|Block Destroyer免費|APP試玩

- When you press the "fire" button, you shot a block at the highest available position.

- When a row is completely filled, it is removed.

- As time goes by level difficulty increase and blocks will appear and scroll down faster!

Try to get the best score!

玩街機App|Block Destroyer免費|APP試玩

This classic game is perfect to kill the time at the bus station or in the subway, when you have 5 minutes and you don't know what to do!

N.B. the app could take up to 30 seconds the first time it loads, expecially on older devices.

玩街機App|Block Destroyer免費|APP試玩

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