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玩通訊App|Block Outgoing Calls免費|APP試玩

Block outgoing calls is a handy app to stop unwanted calls by your children or any other person

- Two operation mode: block list vs accept list

- Privacy protection: custom toast message, password protected

玩通訊App|Block Outgoing Calls免費|APP試玩

- Handy widgets to toggle.

- Very small app: 100kb

Use case 1 - Give your phone to your toddler and he makes phone calls randomly.

玩通訊App|Block Outgoing Calls免費|APP試玩

Use case 2 - Parental control: allow your child to call people in a pre-selected list. Lock down app with password.

Use case 3 - Give your phone to some one and don't want they make phone calls, quick toggle by widget is the best option


玩通訊App|Block Outgoing Calls免費|APP試玩

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玩通訊App|Block Outgoing Calls免費|APP試玩

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