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Blues, Brews & BBQ's is one of the most popular events on the summer calendar - a family fun day of barbecue fare, fine ales and great music that is held at three locations; Blenheim, Hastings and Mount Maunganui.

The festivals are a celebration of everything that is unique about the traditional kiwi summer lifestyle; our love of outdoor cooking, great music and enjoying an ale or two with good friends and family.

New Zealand is widely recognised for its achievements in wine production and this often overshadows the fact that we have a burgeoning industry producing fine crafted ales that can and do compete with the best anywhere in the world. Blues, Brews & BBQ's pays homage to the craft of brewing enabling small and large brewers alike to present their premier beers to a large and appreciateive audience. For the public it really does represent a unique opportunity to sample a massive range of different styles and flavours. And the range extends to wine, cider and even the odd tipple of schnapps can be found.

The barbecue too is a real taste sensation with some of the leading chefs from each region serving up gourmet grill fare fit for royalty. The culinary menu can only be described as simply delectable with the range typically extending from authentic Indian, Middle Eastern, Ostrich, Westcoast Whitebait to sweets and of course everything else that you would expect from the typical 'barbie'.

玩娛樂App|Blues Brews Hastings免費|APP試玩

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