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Blurry Defense is a freaking amazing game! Buy it, quickly, before it's too late! This game started as a challenge, to create a game in two weeks. If twenty thousands people buy this game, we'll do a remake, which will be far more superior and advanced. And what's the best about it? All those who already bought it will get it as a free update!

Now to the fun part. You have to get through several levels, by building towers to kill enemies. There are three types of enemies. Greennies, fast but vulnerable. You'll get $35 for killing one of them and lose 1 life when one of them will get to the exit. Reddies are average in speed and health. You'll earn $25 for killing it and lose 2 lives if they'll get to the exit. And then there are the Bluez. Slow moving with lots of health. When those will reach the end, you'll lose 5 lives! So you better kill them before they do so and earn $30 for each.

Towers, there are four of them and each can be upgraded twice. The most common is Machine gun. It's cheap and you can buy three of them right from beginning. Then there is a Freeze gun, which slows enemies in it's range. Next, Shotgun. This beast is powerfull and every shot unleashes five deadly projectiles. And last but not least, Laser. It's expensive, but worth the extra cash.

Tags: tower,game,abstract,design,challenge,strategy,build,vs,best,new,concept,2,week,amazing,indie,world

玩街機App|Blurry Defense免費|APP試玩

玩街機App|Blurry Defense免費|APP試玩

玩街機App|Blurry Defense免費|APP試玩

玩街機App|Blurry Defense免費|APP試玩

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