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Body Weight Scale lets you weigh yourself using only this application, a piece of cardboard, and your bed! It's that simple!

Just place a piece of cardboard on your bed, stand on the cardboard, place your device next to your foot on top of the cardboard, and find out how much you weigh in seconds!

Body Weight Scale is the cheap, easy, and portable tool to see how much you weigh, no matter where you are!

*Important Note: It's best to limit the number of weigh-ins per day to no more than 2 because your bed will start to get mashed down where you've been standing and it needs time to recover. Also the Body Weight Scale may not be compatible with water beds or tempurpedic mattresses.

玩工具App|Body Weight Scale免費|APP試玩

玩工具App|Body Weight Scale免費|APP試玩

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