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玩解謎App|Bomb Defuse免費|APP試玩

You have twelve buttons, thousands of combinations, and seconds to save the day. Think you can handle it? Bomb Defuse tests your brain and your resolve, setting you against the clock in a simulated world where only the correct code can prevent your destruction. Go solo or challenge a friend to figure out what sequence of symbols will deactivate the bomb. When time is short and counting down fast, can you figure out the answer before it's too late? Don't hesitate. Time is not on your side.

Be the Hero!

玩解謎App|Bomb Defuse免費|APP試玩

Become a vigilante, FBI bomb tech, soldier in a foreign land, or a hero from another time and use quick thinking to defuse the bomb before time runs out!

Unlock Content!

玩解謎App|Bomb Defuse免費|APP試玩

Gain experience by defusing bombs and unlock achievements and defusers! Use more advanced defusers to gain the edge on your opponents!

玩解謎App|Bomb Defuse免費|APP試玩

玩解謎App|Bomb Defuse免費|APP試玩

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