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玩交通運輸App|Book My Call Auto/Taxi免費|APP試玩

BookMyCallAuto/Taxi mobile application is the quick and easy way to get

your Auto or Taxi, currently implemented in CHENNAI circle only.

玩交通運輸App|Book My Call Auto/Taxi免費|APP試玩

Just download our FREE mobile application and signup

with us. Login with your credential and start booking.

Select either Auto or Taxi and then enter your source & destination

玩交通運輸App|Book My Call Auto/Taxi免費|APP試玩

either by manually or by using Map. You are just two steps away from a

better trip. Confirm the detail and select the payment mode. There you go!

You can book your trip even with Guest login. Go to quick booking and

玩交通運輸App|Book My Call Auto/Taxi免費|APP試玩

continue without login. But we are recommend the registration and book

your trip. You will get the credits/offer for specific kilometer you

玩交通運輸App|Book My Call Auto/Taxi免費|APP試玩

have been traveled with us. You can also review your drivers and send

your feedback.

We will calculate the distance by using Google Map instead of Auto/Taxi

玩交通運輸App|Book My Call Auto/Taxi免費|APP試玩

meter. Your total distance and the rate for trip will be calculated

before you take your trip. There is no more arguments with your Auto

玩交通運輸App|Book My Call Auto/Taxi免費|APP試玩

drivers at Chennai!

You will get the tariff details while booking.


This is the place to review the app, not about the service. Send your service related valuable feedbacks/queries to [email protected] or call 044-65155651.

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