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Welcome to Boro Cars taxi booking App

Boro Cars is the leading private hire company in the North East of England

玩商業App|Boro Cars免費|APP試玩

operating the finest technology , is introducing a brand new feature allowing you to book your taxi with the tap of one button. You are also able to track the whereabouts of your vehicle if

玩商業App|Boro Cars免費|APP試玩

it hasn't arrived within 5-10 minutes. Alternatively you can tap another

玩商業App|Boro Cars免費|APP試玩

button and use the new 'Call my Driver ' feature which connects you directly

玩商業App|Boro Cars免費|APP試玩

to the driver that has been allocated your booking. This 'state of the art'

玩商業App|Boro Cars免費|APP試玩

technology is in addition to the text back service which provides you with

玩商業App|Boro Cars免費|APP試玩

the details of the vehicle and driver that has been dispatched to you and

also the ringback service which lets you know when your vehicle has arrived.

Boro Cars keeping Teesside moving.

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