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玩模擬App|Bouncy Zone: ball simulator免費|APP試玩

Bouncy Zone is a 2-dimensional bouncy ball simulator. Set the bounciness and friction of the bouncy ball as well as the gravity to your preference. Then make simple structures to create a chaotic arena for the bouncy ball to bounce in. Fling the bouncy ball with your finger or simply drop it, and then watch what happens. It's a simple simulation that's really fun and mesmerizing to watch. Discover what configurations of structures work the best for optimum bouncing. In what crazy ways can you make the bouncy ball bounce?

Other things to know:

- You can create structures of 4 different shapes: lines, rectangles, ovals, and squiggles.

- You can enable use of the accelerometer, allowing you to tilt the device to affect the gravity.

- You can save "zones" that you like so that you can have fun with them later.

- Google Play Game Services is used for achievements for bouncing the ball a certain number of times.

玩模擬App|Bouncy Zone: ball simulator免費|APP試玩

玩模擬App|Bouncy Zone: ball simulator免費|APP試玩

玩模擬App|Bouncy Zone: ball simulator免費|APP試玩

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