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玩工具App|Brew Shop - Homebrew Tools免費|APP試玩

The Brew Shop app provides a simple way to...

- Create and manage dozens of your homebrew beer recipes.

- Edit brew stats including mash efficiency and brew volumes.

玩工具App|Brew Shop - Homebrew Tools免費|APP試玩

- Add beer ingredients from a list of available malts, hops, and yeast strains.

- Customize ingredient names and statistics

- Calculate fundamental brew stats like OG, IBU, and SRM on the fly.

玩工具App|Brew Shop - Homebrew Tools免費|APP試玩

- Compare your recipe against BJCP beer style guidelines.

- Add brew notes to each recipe.

- Keep track of homebrew ingredients you own.

Feel free to join the 'Brew Shop' discussion thread on HomeBrewTalk. Let us know how you like the app and how we can make it better. Cheers!

==Android Developers==

玩工具App|Brew Shop - Homebrew Tools免費|APP試玩

- Application source code is hosted on GitHub at We look forward to receiving your pull requests.

玩工具App|Brew Shop - Homebrew Tools免費|APP試玩

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