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Serene Mind and Body's revolutionary new "Brick Wall" Weight loss programme.

Let hypnotherapist Sean Casey-Poole guide you through an emotional yet calming journey into the subconscious part of your mind with his brand new and revolutionary BRICK WALL hypnotic weight loss technique.

He will guide you along and help change your mindset on your eating habits, and motivate you to change your life and lose weight congruently within your lifestyle.

Sean understands that we all lead much busier lifestyles than we ever have in the past and doesn't believe in endlessly weighing yourself, in fact he asks you to throw away your weighing scales. Let's face it most people who consider hypnosis or as Sean likes to call it "eyes closed process therapy" have reached a "BRICK WALL" in their lives and have "TRIED" everything else and often taken the "WRONG PATH".

Now it's time for you to "DO" and not "TRY" any more. You will feel invigorated and looking forward to the new path you will be taking.

玩健康App|Brick Wall Weight Loss免費|APP試玩

玩健康App|Brick Wall Weight Loss免費|APP試玩

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