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玩工具App|Browser Password Recovery/Edit免費|APP試玩

Did you forget any password of a website? Did you change your password? Or don't you need a saved password anymore?

With this app, you can easy VIEW, EDIT, DELETE and ADD saved passwords of you built-in android browser.

[ROOT NEEDED, Read below]

玩工具App|Browser Password Recovery/Edit免費|APP試玩

[SQLITE3 NEEDED, Read below]


• VIEW saved passwords

• EDIT saved passwords

• DELETE single passwords (normally you can only delete all passwords with the android browser)

玩工具App|Browser Password Recovery/Edit免費|APP試玩

• ADD passwords to the database


• Your device NEED to be ROOTED. Otherwise it won't work, because the files can't be accessed without root. If you don't know what root is, you probably don't have root. Search the internet for "What is root" or "How to root [your device model]" for more information.

• You MUST have sqlite3 installed. (It's already preinstalled on some devices.)(Search the internet for installing it.)

• It does ONLY work with the stock (built-in) android browser.

玩工具App|Browser Password Recovery/Edit免費|APP試玩

• It DOESN'T work on all ROMS

• All changes, you make with this app are saved in the webview.db of your browser.

玩工具App|Browser Password Recovery/Edit免費|APP試玩

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