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玩工具App|Buck: Legacy Calculator免費|APP試玩

A free app for the card game 'Buck: Legacy' to act as a 'stat sheet'; which monitors your mana, tesla, medals and gold amounts.

An advanced version, which will include more features will be available to purchase in 2014.

Buck: Legacy is a trademark of Urban Meadows Publishing, the rules and artwork are copyrighted by Harrison Hochkins. All right reserved.

This game aid was created by Tyler Dinelle with Urban Meadows Publishing's consent and released for free distribution and not for resale.

玩工具App|Buck: Legacy Calculator免費|APP試玩

PayPal donations are to support the developer, Tyler Dinelle.

For more information about Buck: Legacy please visit



玩工具App|Buck: Legacy Calculator免費|APP試玩


玩工具App|Buck: Legacy Calculator免費|APP試玩

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