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玩動作App|Bunny Run Challenge免費|APP試玩

Bunny Run Challenge is the cutest rabbit game suitable for all kids and adults!

The Pink color Bunny is so adorable and you just cannot wait to see it run!

This is not just a normal pink bunny, it can perform somersault!

A running game game with special skill which make you enjoy the journey much.

玩動作App|Bunny Run Challenge免費|APP試玩

During easter time you can see lots of bunny and they run and jump in the forest.

That is really amazing moment and it can easily touch our heart!

We know it is hard to believe on this bunny but we make it real in this run game!

Practice makes perfect and you find it more interesting at higher level.

玩動作App|Bunny Run Challenge免費|APP試玩

Bunny Run Challenge is the best rabbit game to make you feel like hugging a real bunny!

Rabbit is a really cute animal and everyone likes it and you just cannot resist to hug them.

This is a game we created to make everyone happy and having so much fun with it.

★ Special points with Bunny Run Challenge

This game make you feel like you are in a very relax and joyful environment

It is fantastic to see a bunny that run and and perform somersault

★ Feature in the games

A running game with different level of difficulty

玩動作App|Bunny Run Challenge免費|APP試玩

Control the bunny for its run and avoid all the danger situation

Collect as much as carrot to score higher point

★ How to play this Bunny Run Challenge

To avoid the gap below the wood

Press 'POWER' to perform Somersault

Press 'BOOST' to speed up

You do not have to wait till easter time and you can play with bunny and run with them.

玩動作App|Bunny Run Challenge免費|APP試玩

Let's play with the cutest pink bunny in this Bunny Run Challenge game now!

玩動作App|Bunny Run Challenge免費|APP試玩

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