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Business in Sweden

Vinge law firm

Are you considering expanding your business or launching a start-up business in Sweden?

Let Business in Sweden assist you - take advantage of our expertise and many years´


This application is designed to help you answer the questions that arise when you are about

玩商業App|Business in Sweden免費|APP試玩

to start your business in Sweden. It is a quick guide to the legal system, the relevant laws

and other important information relating to doing business in Sweden.

With offices in China, Sweden and Europe, Vinge is a full service business law firm with a

full focus on our clients’ success. Thanks to our wealth of experience, local presence, and

familiarity with local conditions, Vinge can offer invaluable assistance, not only as legal

玩商業App|Business in Sweden免費|APP試玩

advisors, but also as cultural facilitators and negotiators.

Keywords: Business, Sweden, expanding, start-up, legal advice, law, China, investment

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