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CGI CommunityCare360 HealthCenter is a solution that takes healthcare to the palm of your hand, with the exact information that you need to take decisions! CGI CommunityCare360 HealthCenter is mobile health platform empowering patients with long term conditions to monitor their personal health data. It supports cross-provider pathways where healthcare professionals can create and maintain care pathways like chronic disease plans (COPD, Diabetes, Heart condition etc.) tailored to the patient’s condition. Updates on the patient’s progress can be accessed by the healthcare professionals, who all have access to the same

interface. They can assess the current measurement data and also use the

system to communicate with the patient directly through email messaging or

玩健康App|CGI CC360 HealthCenter Phone免費|APP試玩

video call within this app.

Some of the many benefits of CGI CommunityCare360 Health Center are:

* Reduction of cost through standardization and consolidation of systems.

* Reduced readmission rates.

玩健康App|CGI CC360 HealthCenter Phone免費|APP試玩

* Patient and care takes are empowered through involvement.

* Supports collaboration between sectors.

* Improvements in communication with key trust stakeholders.

玩健康App|CGI CC360 HealthCenter Phone免費|APP試玩

* Collection - and availability of data outside of the traditional care setting.

This app is a demo app and no Health Professionals monitors measured data. In a real installation - CGI CommunityCare360 HealthCenter is tightly integrated to the Health Professionals systems running at the GP, Hospital and Local Government.

Demo account details:

Username smiths

Password ehb123

玩健康App|CGI CC360 HealthCenter Phone免費|APP試玩

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