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Cafe Rojo is situated minutes from Main Street in the popular parallel street called Irish Town. In it's fifth year of business, Cafe Rojo boasts an excellent local and international reputation.

(Brunch served 10am-12pm, Lunches 12pm-3pm, Dinner 7pm-10pm though we are open all day serving coffee and desserts).

Cafe Rojo suits all occasions from a romantic meal, doing business, special occasions, entertaining clients to weddings...

Cafe Rojo has a smoking area and an air-conditioned non-smoking area...

We are closed Saturday lunch time, all day Sunday & bank holidays...

玩旅遊App|Cafe Rojo免費|APP試玩

玩旅遊App|Cafe Rojo免費|APP試玩

玩旅遊App|Cafe Rojo免費|APP試玩

玩旅遊App|Cafe Rojo免費|APP試玩

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