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玩通訊App|Call Confirm - 発信確認免費|APP試玩

今まで間違い電話をかけてしまったことが何度ありますか?Call Confirmは間違い電話を防止したり、ユーザーフレンドリーなインターフェースで発信ボタンを探す手間を省きます。



Call Confirmにより、発信確認を必要とする番号のみを指定したり、同じ数字から始まる番号に範囲を選択したりできます。


Call Confirmの最も便利な機能のひとつにパスワード保護(PROバージョンのみ)があります。パスワードを設定することにより、電話機から海外や有料サービスへの発信を防止することができます。お子様が誤って高額な電話をかけてしまう心配がなくなります。





玩通訊App|Call Confirm - 発信確認免費|APP試玩






玩通訊App|Call Confirm - 発信確認免費|APP試玩




アプリケーションに対するご質問は次のEメールまでどうぞ:[email protected]


玩通訊App|Call Confirm - 発信確認免費|APP試玩


How many times have you accidentally dialed the wrong number? Call Confirm saves you from accidental calls as well as having to spend time looking for the call button, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Flexible settings allow you to set call confirmations for necessary numbers.

Use the exceptions list to specify numbers that do not require call confirmation. By enabling the appropriate options, you can bypass confirmation for USSD requests and numbers from your phone book.

Using Call Confirm, you can specify only the numbers that need confirmation or select a range of numbers beginning with certain digits.

If you are using a Bluetooth headset, just enable the appropriate option and the application will be disabled at the right time.

One of the most useful features of the Call Confirm is the password protection (available only in PRO version). By setting a password, you can prevent your phone from making outgoing calls to foreign countries or paid services. Your child will not be able to make any expensive calls by accident.


- Option to disable when Bluetooth is enabled

- List of numbers that need call confirmation

- List of exceptions

玩通訊App|Call Confirm - 発信確認免費|APP試玩

- Option to exclude USSD request confirmations

- Option to exclude contact confirmations

- Password prompting when calling (only in PRO version)

- Password prompting on application start (only in PRO version)


玩通訊App|Call Confirm - 発信確認免費|APP試玩

- User-friendly interface with a large call button

- Add exceptions while confirming calls

- Small-sized application

玩通訊App|Call Confirm - 発信確認免費|APP試玩

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