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Turn your phone into a voice recorder, and record anything!

To record:

start the app, and tap the orange "Record" button. Once you are done, you can save, play, or discard it. Tap the "Background" button will keep recording in the background so you do other stuff on your phone while recording. A label can be entered for the recording when saving.

玩通訊App|Call Recorder免費|APP試玩

To record phone calls:

Both incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded. Each comes with three setting options.

"No Record": do nothing.

玩通訊App|Call Recorder免費|APP試玩

"Record All": record all the calls. Recording will start automatically if a number is dialed or a call is answered. It will stop automatically once the phone hangs up.

"Manual": record the call manually. When a call is in process, an icon will appear on the notification bar. To record, swipe down the notification, and hit the "Start recording".

The default is "Record All". To change the setting, start the app, and press "MENU" => "Setting". Tap "Outgoing Call" to change the setting for outgoing. Same for "Incoming Call"

玩通訊App|Call Recorder免費|APP試玩

Whenever a recording is in process. An icon will always appear on the notification bar. Swipe down the notification bar, tap "Stop recording" to stop the recording.

Beware: it is illegal to record calls in some countries. Get the consent before recording.

To delete a recording:

玩通訊App|Call Recorder免費|APP試玩

long press the recording, a menu will pop up, tap "Delete" to delete it.


For call recording, the other party's voice is much lower. Turn on "Speaker" phone will help. To turn on "Speaker", hit "MENU" on the dialing screen, then "Speaker".

玩通訊App|Call Recorder免費|APP試玩

All the audio files are stored in SD card under the directory of "Call_Recording". You can mount and copy them to a computer. The file is in common 3gpp format, and can be played in QuickTime. File name has three kind of prefix: "In" for incoming call, "Out" for outgoing call, and "Rec" for recording. If a phone number or label is existing, it will be in the file name for easy identification.

Notification bar is not swipable on the calling screen. Press home button first, and then swipe down.

If the SD card is mounted to a computer, it can not be used by phone.

玩通訊App|Call Recorder免費|APP試玩

The default setting is to "Record All" for easy testing. Change it after finishing testing.

玩通訊App|Call Recorder免費|APP試玩

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