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玩通訊App|Call U Right Back免費|APP試玩

After install, please OPEN the application, so it starts functioning.

Maybe your contract with your telephony provider includes unlimited free phone calls, or simply its cheaper for you to call your family or friends and got tired of hanging up on them and then if unlock the phone, go to callers list and return the call. Here we make it possible with one click from "Incoming call ..." -> "Press Call Back" -> "Dialing..".

Don't want to get bothered, simply block all calls, also possible with us!

When driving, need auto answer in number of seconds you will set. Auto answer can be set in few modes:

    玩通訊App|Call U Right Back免費|APP試玩

  • Call Back : Hangup the incoming call and Call U Right Back.
  • Simple answer ( good when jogging and want to accept calls without pooling your phone out of the pocket)
  • Loudspeaker (wen driving and want to simply get your incoming calls handsfree answered)
  • Answer calls to loudspeaker with one click or simply got tired of your phone application and the sliding gesture.
  • 玩通訊App|Call U Right Back免費|APP試玩

A lot of other features and others to come...

玩通訊App|Call U Right Back免費|APP試玩

Just for your curiosity, the planed features jet to come:

  • Wave with your hands to answer
  • Schedule call back (5 min, 10 min, 30 min ....)
  • 玩通訊App|Call U Right Back免費|APP試玩

  • Pick UP the phone to answer

and more.....

玩通訊App|Call U Right Back免費|APP試玩

Call U Right Back 線上APP手遊玩免費

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