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With calorie counter application you will keep track of the foods you eat and their nutritional value quickly and easily thanks to the implemented tools that make calorie counting a simple task to control your weight.


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* Copy and Paste Option: The only calorie counter application that account with this option, Enables reuse of stored foods, thus reducing the time food log.

玩健康App|Calorie counter Pro免費|APP試玩

* Food frequently used: Calorie counter stores the food you use most and displays them in a list sorted according to the number of times it has been used.

* Favorite Food: You can mark a food as a favorite and find it in a list of all the food of your choice.

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* Searching for food: A browser built in calorie counter makes it easy to find your food

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* Chart of calories, lets you view the log of the consumption of calories by filtering the desired food, very useful if you want to control the calories you eat in the dinner.

* Plans your next day meals : You can change the date to plan meals in the days ahead, or edit records in the previous days by swiping with the arrows located at the top of the main page (by pressing on the date you moved to the current date).

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* Database with more than 300 foods. In addition lets you modify and add food of your choice, add categories and subcategories maintaining orderly your base of food.

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* Create rations for each food item, you don't have to indicate the amount of ounces or grams each time you go to register a meal.

* Estimate of calories and macro-nutrients: The estimate of calories and macro-nutrients uses scientific methods to suit your characteristics (sex, age, weight, activity level) and offers you a regime to lose weight in a controlled manner without abrupt changes that can generate rebound effect. However you can modify objectives in such a way manual in the options menu.

玩健康App|Calorie counter Pro免費|APP試玩

Don't wait any longer to start your diet, start to lose weight now with the calorie counter.

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