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With The Capozzoli Catering App, you can place your order thru our app with all of our menus. You can have it picked up or delivered.

Capozzoli Catering was founded in 1936, by Tony Capozzoli, in Chester, Pennsylvania. Tony and his wife Alice moved to Ridley Township in 1940, where they soon purchased a small property on Morton Avenue and opened Tony's Restaurant. Tony's Restaurant was a popular hangout for local businessmen and school kids, featuring everyone's favorite sandwich The Tony Special.

In 1952, with the help and expertise of wife Alice, Tony decided to fully engage himself to the off-site catering business, making Tony's one of the most well-known caterers in the Tri-state area.

Tony and Alice had three children, Ralph, Michael and Mariann. In 1969, Ralph left his full time job at Boeing Helicopters to work with his father in the family business. After 38 years of heading his catering venture, Tony semi-retired in 1974 but always remained a huge part of the growing catering company. Soon after, in 1975, son Michael left his teaching career in the Ridley School District and joined the family's catering business, followed by their youngest child, daughter Mariann in 1980.

玩商業App|Capozzoli Catering免費|APP試玩

玩商業App|Capozzoli Catering免費|APP試玩

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