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玩工具App|Capture Screen Pro免費|APP試玩

* Tested only on ROOTED phones *

* Try the free version before buying or ask for refund from Play Store within 15 minutes of purchase *

玩工具App|Capture Screen Pro免費|APP試玩

* Simplest way to capture your device's screen and share with friends.

玩工具App|Capture Screen Pro免費|APP試玩

* Developers can use it to take screen shots of their android applications.

* Easy to use interface.

玩工具App|Capture Screen Pro免費|APP試玩

* Option to save images in png or jpg formats.

玩工具App|Capture Screen Pro免費|APP試玩

NOTE: To remove superuser permission toast message from your screenshots, goto your "superuser permissions" app and disable toast messages.

玩工具App|Capture Screen Pro免費|APP試玩

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