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玩通訊App|Catfiz Messenger免費|APP試玩

Welcome to Catfiz World,

Private and Social interaction has never been this easy.

Free, no hidden cost, no future subscription fee.

No phone-number required, you need only data plan in your GSM/CDMA or wireless internet connection.

玩通訊App|Catfiz Messenger免費|APP試玩

* Use Catfiz for personal, official, community or larger organization with more than 1000 group chat member .

* Send/share 'any' file up to 50Mb

* Forward file without re-uploading using Fizzlink (cloud service).

* Easy social interaction : status comment, like, quote

玩通訊App|Catfiz Messenger免費|APP試玩

Features :




玩通訊App|Catfiz Messenger免費|APP試玩


Quote to,

Group chat (Pool) with more than 1000 member,

Promote friends,

玩通訊App|Catfiz Messenger免費|APP試玩

Photo share,

Voice message,

Video message,

50Mb File share,

玩通訊App|Catfiz Messenger免費|APP試玩

Gallery for media files,

Theme, Emoticon, Emoji


And more !

玩通訊App|Catfiz Messenger免費|APP試玩

Become Catfizer and enjoy the true messenger with Catfiz.

Currently available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic, Spanish.

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玩通訊App|Catfiz Messenger免費|APP試玩

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