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玩個人化App|Cellsea Ringtones & Wallpapers免費|APP試玩

Using this app you will be able to download millions of high quality Ringtones, Notifications, HD Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers and Apps optimized for your device. Manage your music, picture, app and phone memory all in one app.


It is FREE, no charge, no hassle.

Set ringtones, notification, wallpapers and live wallpapers from the app directly.

Set ringtone as default or assign it to individual contact.

Manage and organize your uploaded items, friends and photos.

Discover trending-up apps, onsale apps and only-free-today apps from Google Play recommended just for you.

Edit and manage the music, pictures and apps on the device

Boost the phone performance using our advanced phone booster

玩個人化App|Cellsea Ringtones & Wallpapers免費|APP試玩

This app also allows you to create ringtone, alarm, and notification from MP3,WAV,AAC/MP4 and 3GPP/AMR files on your phone.


Create music, ringtone, alarm, or notification from existing audio files

Fade in/out for mp3 file.

Adjust volume(gain) for mp3 file.

Record a new audio clip to edit.

Manage, edit or delete the audio files on the phone, sort files by Tracks, Albums and Artists.

Assign a Ringtone to an individual contact, or set as default ringtone.

No Ads displayed in the editor.

玩個人化App|Cellsea Ringtones & Wallpapers免費|APP試玩

Supported file formats for ringtone maker:





Explanation for the permissions:



玩個人化App|Cellsea Ringtones & Wallpapers免費|APP試玩

Internet access is required so that you can download millions of ringtones, wallpapers and apps from our web site to your phone directly.



After you create or download the ringtone, there is a choice to assign it to your contact. If you choose this option, the app need to read your contact data and show them in the list, then you can assign the new ringtone to the person you selected.

Cellsea DOES NOT transfer, store or use any of your personal information or contact data.



When you create a new Ringtone or download mobile content from our website, the app need rights to write it to your SD card.


玩個人化App|Cellsea Ringtones & Wallpapers免費|APP試玩

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玩個人化App|Cellsea Ringtones & Wallpapers免費|APP試玩

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