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玩書籍App|Chandamama Kadhalu-2免費|APP試玩

"Chandamama Kadhalu" is simple and easy to read application. This app intents to who are more intersted in reading novels or articles in thier native language(especially for Telugu audience).

How to use:

1) There is link "అన్నీ చూపు" (Expand) which expands all the content and ready to read for all the users.

玩書籍App|Chandamama Kadhalu-2免費|APP試玩

2) There is link "అన్నీ దాచు" (Collapse) which collapse the content and user can view the story titles.

玩書籍App|Chandamama Kadhalu-2免費|APP試玩

3) If user clicks on story title('అమ్మా నాన్న ఓ అరటి చెట్టు') it will expand if it's already collapse and vice versa.

These are updated stories

Note: This app works better on 4.1.2 or higher versions.

玩書籍App|Chandamama Kadhalu-2免費|APP試玩

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