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玩工具App|Characters Folder免費|APP試玩

Cats, dogs, frogs, squirrels, sharks are characters.

Characters folder of the application, telephone number and bookmark

Cats, dogs, frogs, squirrels, sharks are characters.

玩工具App|Characters Folder免費|APP試玩

Characters folder of the application, telephone number and bookmark

This is a widget, not an app so you add it to your home screen

like any other widget. The settings box pops up and you scroll through the lineup of

玩工具App|Characters Folder免費|APP試玩

characters to pick the one you want. Type in folder name then click on the character

icon just to the left of where you entered the folder name. This brings up the window

玩工具App|Characters Folder免費|APP試玩

where you select the apps you want. Click on "Make Folder" !

玩工具App|Characters Folder免費|APP試玩

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