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玩社交App|Charity Dinner免費|APP試玩

Share your food-moments, recipes with friends with an Added Purpose.

玩社交App|Charity Dinner免費|APP試玩


We know! You already send dinner-pictures, recipes to your friends via Facebook or other Social Media.

Why not become really 'Social' by adding the hashtag #charityDinner - This app does more!

The app is developed and maintained by Teach to Feed, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that focuses on Education for the prevention and relief of poverty.

玩社交App|Charity Dinner免費|APP試玩

It is used for public awareness and fund-raising, necessary to meet our charity objectives.

Also fun, the app allows you to choose from 15 different dining-boards, edit your pictures as needed.

Use: Turn your device to get a different size/orientation. Download FREE; give it a try :-) :-)

玩社交App|Charity Dinner免費|APP試玩

玩社交App|Charity Dinner免費|APP試玩

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