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Our magical globe needs a new chef!

Join Ceylon's journey in Chef de Bubble!!

Fill the globe with delicious aromas by creating a variety of culinary creations!

Listen carefully to Ceylon's story to learn her secret recipes!

Stars! Moon! World! All in your command!

- Customize and decorate your globe however you like!

- Full 3D features allow you to design your globe from every angle!

玩策略App|Chef de Bubble免費|APP試玩

- Don't like how something looks? Change it! Everything is customizable!

Your very own magical Restaurant

- Create exotic dishes like 'Elephant Cutlets' and 'Dino Egg Tang Yuan'!

- Use spells to summon cute animal sous-chefs!

- Make your dishes come to life with Magic Powder!

Discover the World of Chefs!

- A princess working in a restaurant?!

玩策略App|Chef de Bubble免費|APP試玩

- Enjoy quests with great storylines!

- Follow Ceylon on her journey as she falls in love with food!

Enjoy 'Chef de Bubble' with friends all over the world

Make friends all over the world through the globally supported Chef de Bubble!

Chef de Bubble is currently supported in English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, and Portuguese!

Support in more languages will be coming soon!


玩策略App|Chef de Bubble免費|APP試玩

- Play the game in brilliant HD on your Android Tablet!

玩策略App|Chef de Bubble免費|APP試玩

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