Chic Dodol launcher theme|不限時間玩個人化App

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玩個人化App|Chic Dodol launcher theme免費|APP試玩

Bling colorful theme has arrived.

With a chic black and bling bling jewelry eowooreuneun such brilliant theme!

More themes are available from iThemeshop!

Japanese version themes are available from iDeco.


- First, please install the launcher dodol (▶ To install:

- Press the Home button [enabled by default for this action] or [always] is selected as the default home launcher set dodol

玩個人化App|Chic Dodol launcher theme免費|APP試玩

- Back to the home screen launcher menu to wipe out the raising gesture, [theme] menu selections, choose the theme you want and apply

One particular feature of the launcher dodol *** ★ ***

- Charmingly simple, bling bling, chic, silky, warm personality and endless variety of themes out a new theme, update

- Quick Switch / memory cleaners convenient base widget

- Quick list of the dock and the notification window is more convenient application / widget available

玩個人化App|Chic Dodol launcher theme免費|APP試玩

- Fonts / Ringtones / keyboard support Decorating

- A transition / individual icons / folders set fine

- Home screen, copy / set a convenient and reliable backup support

NOTICE *** ***

- Android OS 4.0.3 or later (ICS, Jelly Bean) are available at:

- Depending on the device capabilities may not apply.

Support *** ***

玩個人化App|Chic Dodol launcher theme免費|APP試玩

- Producer: iThemeshop

- Service Company: iconnect


玩個人化App|Chic Dodol launcher theme免費|APP試玩

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