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玩健康App|Chicken Delights : 100+ recipe免費|APP試玩

Tap, choose and enjoy your yummy chicken cuisions.Chicken is a major world wide source of meat and eggs for human consumption.

It is the most common type of poultry on earth, and is prepared as food in a wide variety of ways, varying by region and culture throughout the world.

Did you know that the human body can derive about 30 different nutritional substances from just 100 grams of chicken?

Chicken is a great source of lean, low fat protein. It is also packed with selenium, a chemical known for its anti-cancer properties.

玩健康App|Chicken Delights : 100+ recipe免費|APP試玩

The skin of the chicken is known to contain the maximum fat; therefore skinned chicken is preferred by many.

Chicken cooked in fiery desi flavors is a treat for any non-vegetarian.

Calories and nutritional information are available for most recipies. It takes care of your health so start cooking at home, like a true professional chef.

You will feel the difference in taste and improve your lifestyle with simple and easy healthy recipies.

玩健康App|Chicken Delights : 100+ recipe免費|APP試玩

If you can't take a resolution for accomplishing all these cuisines, but I suggest you to try some of them.

Start the delightful journey by downloading this app.

Here's the recipe of one of it's most prized dishes.

->Butter Chicken

->Masaledar Chicken Lollipop

->Chicken Dum Biryani

玩健康App|Chicken Delights : 100+ recipe免費|APP試玩

->Kadhai Chicken

->Murg Malaiwala

->Teekha Murg

->Chicken fries

玩健康App|Chicken Delights : 100+ recipe免費|APP試玩

->Chilli Chicken

->Chicken soup

玩健康App|Chicken Delights : 100+ recipe免費|APP試玩

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