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玩遊戲App|Chicks Revenge Free (小鸟复仇)免費|APP試玩

A MASSIVE UPDATE FOR VERSION 1.2, Better than ever!!


★★★★★ Now includes 3 game modes

★★★★★ Now has online multiplayer mode

★★★★★ Includes the SUPER CHICK SUIT item!!!

★★★★★ Facebook connectivity and friend invites to Online Vs mode matches

★★★★★ New score screen and world ranking

★★★★★ Friend recommendation rewards

玩遊戲App|Chicks Revenge Free (小鸟复仇)免費|APP試玩

A great big thanks to all our fans, friends, and family for your feedback and support. We hope you enjoy this latest version :)

We'd also like to know what you would like to see in the game - levels, modes, items, what do you think would be fun to include? Drop us an email at [email protected]

Best regards,

The Cobalt Jungle Team


★★★★★ 非常容易玩

玩遊戲App|Chicks Revenge Free (小鸟复仇)免費|APP試玩

★★★★★ 点击获取硬币

★★★★★ 游戏交流中心

★★★★★ 非常好玩

★★★★★ 提供4种特殊功能武器:火箭, 星剑, 冻结, 加速枪

★★★★★ 获得免费硬币奖励

★★★★★ 可单只手玩

蓝色小鸟"Chick"又回來了!!这次它是在梦里. 您要使用各种武器把这帮"胖猪"推向天空来保护它的鸟巢.

来自同一个团队的又一部最新的超好玩IPhone动作游戏, 在您的无聊时刻给您带来更多的乐趣!

玩遊戲App|Chicks Revenge Free (小鸟复仇)免費|APP試玩

更多的级别和更新即将给您送上, 请给出您的最高评价来支持我们, 我们将给您创造更多更好玩的游戏!

玩遊戲App|Chicks Revenge Free (小鸟复仇)免費|APP試玩

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