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trainchinese will teach you Chinese, with a free and complete dictionary, thousands of vocab lists, example sentences, audio recordings, measure words and character animations - and a powerful flash card system featuring handwriting training!

★ We're using our very own dictionary, and search algorithms that prioritise words that you'll actually want to learn! For example, try searching for "tree" in your existing Chinese dictionary. More than likely you'll see 木 - not helpful at all! Search with trainchinese and you'll get 树 first and 一棵树 second - just what you were after.

★ Partial searches start returning results as soon as you begin typing. If you make a spelling mistake, you'll get suggestions for words you might have meant.

★ Get measure words for thousands of nouns. Tap measure words for full details and access to related searches.

玩書籍App|Chinese Dictionary+Flashcards免費|APP試玩

★ Search for words by type! Add "n." to your query to prioritise nouns, for example.

★ trainchinese is great for study, because our words are organised into more than 1,000 word lists covering topics from International Relations to American Football Teams and more. Feel like something's missing? Users often get in touch to ask for lists on the topics the're studying, and we're happy to oblige!

★ Highlight words with your finger for super-fast access to character animations, related searches and more!

★ Whether you're studying the Simplified (mainland China and Singapore) or Traditional (Hong Kong and Taiwan) variants, we've got you covered! Easily switch between them or choose to display both in dictionary results and on flash cards.

玩書籍App|Chinese Dictionary+Flashcards免費|APP試玩

★ Create flash cards with audio and animation from dictionary entries. Organise them into lists, and share them with friends (or students).

★ The Spaced Repetition system ensures you'll memorize those words for good.

★ Train however you want: each card is available in four different modes to test different aspects of Chinese study. See Chinese, Pinyin or English and get tested on translation, and even compare your handwriting to a stroke-order animation side-by-side, synchronized!

★ Flash cards are saved on your device and synchronized with, where you can also train with them and find more great content.

玩書籍App|Chinese Dictionary+Flashcards免費|APP試玩

★ Add study notes to your flash cards - they're saved and backed up at

玩書籍App|Chinese Dictionary+Flashcards免費|APP試玩

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