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Chinese Essentials is a collection of the best 50 Chinese recipes designed for home cooking. Chinese Essentials is brought to you by Asia’s leading cooking and recipe network DayDayCook with millions of fans worldwide and known as the premier authority on Chinese home cooking. This wonderful collection of home style Chinese recipes includes over 1,000 photos and easy to follow step-by-step image instructions.

Special features include:

•Over 1,000 photos

•Step-by-step image instructions

玩生活App|Chinese Essentials Cooking免費|APP試玩

•Best Chinese recipes

•Photo editor

•Cooking locater - find out what your friends are cooking and where

玩生活App|Chinese Essentials Cooking免費|APP試玩

•Shopping list

•Meal planner


•and much more!

玩生活App|Chinese Essentials Cooking免費|APP試玩

Chinese Essentials Cooking App is a must for all food enthusiasts and amateur to professional chefs!

玩生活App|Chinese Essentials Cooking免費|APP試玩

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