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玩個人化App|Chocolate n Coffee LWP免費|APP試玩

Chocolate n Coffee LWP is new interactive HQ alive wallpaper - full customization. FREE distribution.

Chocolate n Coffee LWP interactive fixed deficiencies of old versions based on feedback.

Application Gallery with thematic elements - milk and black, tasty in general animated scenario.

A pleasant and harmonic animated Chocolate n Coffee LWP application. Gorgeous high quality HQ graphics.

Application Replacement images were well-chosen according to theme and quality.

Implement the regime change of images of live wallpapers and modify it in the settings.

玩個人化App|Chocolate n Coffee LWP免費|APP試玩

Backgrounds are much larger than a run screen - they can be scrolled over desktops in a portrait position.

Animation trajectories may be interactively changed when touched by finger.

In the settings user can set their quantity on desktop.

Settings the user can remove unnecessary animations-sets the number of "zero" on the screen.

Chocolate n Coffee LWP application has a covering frame which may be enabled or disabled at user’s option.

Alive wallpaper has a sound module - it is enabled by touching a centre of the desktop.

玩個人化App|Chocolate n Coffee LWP免費|APP試玩

Settings provide for sounds disabling and volume control.


Chocolate n Coffee LWP application. SETTING ORDER.

1. Upload application on your phone or tablet.

2. On your device setting menu find icon Chocolate n Coffee LWP and launch.

Chocolate n Coffee LWP - our latest solution in the category of alive wallpapers.

玩個人化App|Chocolate n Coffee LWP免費|APP試玩

Chocolate n Coffee LWP alive wallpaper can be used in horizontal and vertical positions of your device - phone or tablet.

We will be glad to consider all your critical feedback concerning improving quality of our developments.

Chocolate n Coffee LWP application was tested and is steadily operated by the majority of popular models from major manufacturers.

玩個人化App|Chocolate n Coffee LWP免費|APP試玩

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