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玩個人化App|Chrono Watch Face for Wear免費|APP試玩

Chrono Watch Face for Android Wear has a clean and simple design while offering useful information at a glance.

Feature list:

- Battery levels of phone and wear

- Date and Weekday

- 12-hour mode supported (AM/PM)

- Smart 24-hour display

- Precise seconds

玩個人化App|Chrono Watch Face for Wear免費|APP試玩

- Explicitly crafted to prevent battery drain

- Optimized to prevent screen burn-in

- Samsung Gear Live monochrome mode

- Customization options (setup on-the-fly)

- Alternative watch face styles (more to come)

The design has been crafted to be beautiful without any distractions. It is a hybrid between an analog and digital clock representation.

The active screen has a circular design to display seconds. Hours and minutes are highlighted and are still visible in the always-on mode of devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The design of this watch face lends itself very well to always-on screens since the positioning is optimized to prevent screen burn-in.

The watch face is 24 hour aware and switches the hours to 13-24 if needed.

Battery information is displayed in an unobtrusive way: The battery level of the watch is displayed on the left side of the circle, while the battery level of the companion Android device is displayed on the right. As they battery level decreases, a small indicator bar moves from the top to the bottom of the circle.

Chrono Watch Face was carefully designed to prevent unnecessary battery drain. In the dimmed screen mode, all background activity is stopped and only resumed when the watch is undimmed and woken again.

This watch face is still in development and there will be a lot of updates in the coming days. It is planned to add a wide variety of customizations and some other surprise features, so check back regularly on Google Play.

We hope you enjoy Chrono Watch Face!

Feedback is welcome. Thank you very much.



玩個人化App|Chrono Watch Face for Wear免費|APP試玩

- Bugfixes


- New Android Wear API supported

- Better support for round devices

- Option to show battery values on top

- Small notification cards enforced

- Lollipop bugfixes

玩個人化App|Chrono Watch Face for Wear免費|APP試玩

- More customization options


- Preparations for new Android Wear API

- Bugfixes


- In-app donations implemented

- Color picker now supports saturation and opacity (colors white/black possible)


- Fixed bug for text orientation delayed

玩個人化App|Chrono Watch Face for Wear免費|APP試玩

- Fixed bug for dimmed mode on Galaxy Gear Live


- Color customization options added

- Option to use fixed text orientation


- First customization options implemented

- Second style face mode added with focus on battery levels as dominant circle elements

- 12-hour mode supported (switch between AM/PM or 24 hours)


玩個人化App|Chrono Watch Face for Wear免費|APP試玩

- Fix for Samsung Gear Live monochrome mode


- Lower intensity default colors to make time and battery values more easily discernible

- Preparations for future customization release

- Minor design improvements


- App icon


- Current date and day of the week added

玩個人化App|Chrono Watch Face for Wear免費|APP試玩

- Percentage values for battery indicators


- First release

玩個人化App|Chrono Watch Face for Wear免費|APP試玩

Chrono Watch Face for Wear 線上APP手遊玩免費

不限時間玩Chrono Watch Face for Wear App免費

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