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Chuck Chuck is a tapping game combining music and dancing. You follow the music and tap on the screen to walk and dance. 
Intro: Chuck is chasing the beautiful princess on the picture and gets to a tropical island. The locals are passionate and musical. By dancing with all different characters Chuck goes through the barriers and sees the princess. However, there is a shocking secret on this island… 
 The game has a variety of dynamic pop song choices, which offers you all kinds of music styles while enjoying the wonderful landscape and experiencing the interesting stories with all the mysterious characters on this magical island. 

♛ 3D 
Graphic The exotic landscape of the tropical island: Dozens of items, such as palms, beaches, lady bugs and fruits are all of 3D version. 
 ♛ Dancing: All kinds of street dancing styles according to different characters make the features come alive through your finger tapping. 
♛ Dynamic Music: Live like dynamic music brings you to the scene while having fun. 
♛ Characters: Tourists, captain, chauffeur, girls, chubby princess, headman etc. with their own costumes and dance moves make up the adventurous story. 
♛ Simple rules: Just tap along the music on the screen -- you will manage all the cool dance steps.

玩遊戲App|Chuck Chuck Lite免費|APP試玩

玩遊戲App|Chuck Chuck Lite免費|APP試玩

玩遊戲App|Chuck Chuck Lite免費|APP試玩

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