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The Church of God was established in 1964, and until today over 2,200 local Churches have been established all around the world. 1,750,000 members of the Church believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong the Second Coming Jesus and Heavenly Mother, who have come as the Saviors according to the prophecies of the Bible in the age of the Holy Spirit.

玩生活App|Church of God ( Czech )免費|APP試玩

The Church of God is carrying out the movement to restore the faith of the early Church and the truth of the new covenant throughout the world, and also taking the lead in restoring the spiritually devastated world by practicing love and good deeds, following the teachings of Mother.

The Church of God has been in earnest communication with neighbors of the world through various media outlets, and now we have prepared a new window to communicate with global neighbors anywhere, anytime, in this mobile internet age.

We hope that this video will help you find the way to eternal life and the kingdom of heaven.

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